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Corporate Sustainability Management (the Book)

In 2012, our Founding Director, Mark W. McElroy, PhD, along with his friend and colleague, Jo van Engelen, published a book entitled, Corporate Sustainability Management – The Art and Science of Managing Non-Financial Performance (Routledge, 2012). Released in November of 2011, their book constituted the first book-length treatment of Context-Based Sustainability, cast in the form of a practical handbook for contemporary sustainability managers.

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Listen to what the experts have said:

“Some 80 percent of CEOs worldwide think they have already embedded the sustainability agenda in their businesses.  The bad news is that most are confusing sustainability with eco-efficiency or citizenship.  The good news is that Mark McElroy and Jo van Engelen can help them understand the difference.”

John Elkington
Coiner of the Triple Bottom Line
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Volans Ventures Ltd

“Mark McElroy and Jo van Engelen are proposing in this book a way to track performance in a number of domains, beyond ecological resources….In what he and Jo now broadly refer to as context-based sustainability, their approach has a number of parallels to the Ecological Footprint….if sustainability performance tracking is to become informative and meaningful, we need to build this knowledge base – we need courageous trial and error, because the alternative is failure.”

Mathis Wackernagel
Co-creator of the Ecological Footprint
President, Global Footprint Network

“Sustainability is about looking at the whole system and all of our assets, built, human, social, and natural.  McElroy and van Engelen show the way for business to put sustainability reporting and management back in context and make it truly useful and relevant.”

Dr. Robert Costanza
University Professor of Sustainability
Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS)
Portland State University

“At long last, a text written for the management reader which recognises that current corporate claims to be acting `sustainably’, pursuing `sustainability’ or reporting on `sustainability’ are nothing of the kind and are at best unsupported assertions…With this book, we may (at long last) be able to begin the urgent task of addressing to what extent organisations can become less un-sustainable and, equally importantly, how they should go about that most daunting of tasks.”

Professor R. H. Gray
Professor of Social and Environmental Accounting
Director of the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research
School of Management
University of St Andrews

“There’s more talk about corporate sustainability today than there’s ever been, and more individual companies taking a lead than ever before. But their business models remain largely unchanged, investors remain largely indifferent, and governments continue to play incremental catch-up rather than systems transformation. As the authors of this timely and important book point out, it’s clearly time for a much more radical change.”

Jonathon Porritt
Founder Director, Forum for the Future

The Center for Sustainable Organizations

What differentiates CSO from others in the sustainability arena is its strong commitment to an approach for corporate sustainability measurement, management and reporting that is context-based